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Mission Statement of Queen of Angels Catholic School

Queen of Angels Catholic School is Christ-centered, and it is our goal to live according to God’s will and the teachings of Jesus, with the power of the Holy Spirit, as we meet the spiritual, academic, social and emotional needs of each student. 
We respect each other, our school, and our community and we work together to make
Queen of Angels Catholic School a safe place to learn and grow.


Queen of Angels Catholic School provides a Catholic education through which Gospel values are integrated, lived, and fostered.

The administration, faculty, and staff strives to:

  • Provide a comprehensive curriculum to meet the needs of the whole child
  • Model and develop leadership and service
  • Assist students integrate their faith and religious values into their daily lives
  • Continue the tradition of academic excellence
  • As primary educators of their children, the responsibility for the education belongs to parents. In working in a partnership, we:
    • Share in the development of a student’s spiritual, intellectual, moral, and physical dimensions
    • Model and support the practices of the Catholic faith
    • Uphold the policies and procedures of Queen of Angels
    • Engage in conversation with faculty and administration regarding the education of their children, and
    • Serve as ambassadors in building the community and reputation of Queen of Angels Catholic School