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Academic Support

Queen of Angels Catholic School acknowledges the unique learning styles and challenges that students can face while in elementary school.  Academic Support is based on benchmark assessments, classroom performance, evaluations, and other progress monitoring data to determine the learning needs of students. Success lab teachers work with small groups of students to strengthen skills and promote classroom success. Collaboration occurs with the classroom teachers, parents, and the Student Success Team (SST).
Students in need of academic support are referred by their teacher to the SST that is comprised of the success lab teachers, the principal, and school counselor. Discussion and collaboration with the classroom teacher occurs to develop strategies and opportunities for more practice and review of skills. Instructional intervention such as small group ‘flex-times’ with the pod level success lab teacher might also occur within the regular classroom setting.
Often more consistent support is needed at home and is available to parents through:

  • Daily agenda checks
  • Weekly visit the on either Google Classroom or the Teacher’s Page to view test and quiz calendar
  • Weekly review of grades/assignments on the RenWeb Grade Book and in Thursday folders
  • Supervision of homework completion and test preparation

Progress monitoring is ongoing, and teachers differentiate instruction providing strategies as needed.