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Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment at Queen of Angels Catholic school is designed to provide challenging, thought-provoking activities for all students. The program works on many levels and includes school-wide programs, activities, projects, and pull-out enrichment classes for students that meet the criteria.

Grades K-2

Teachers incorporate enrichment activities to differentiate the curriculum. The Enrichment Teacher assists teachers in grades K-2 with planning and implementing these activities as needed with fluid small groups or individuals. Various resources are used in implementing such as Primary Thinking Skills, Sunshine Math, logic problems, and additonal activities.

Grades 3-5

Pullout enrichment groups begin in grade 3 and are based on standardized test scores. Small group instruction in the areas of Language Arts and Math include programs such as Sunshine Math, Math Olympiad, Greek and Latin roots study, logic units, project-based learning activities, brain-teasers, and lateral thinking activities with goals to:

  • Develop use of investigative techniques, information gathering, problem solving, thinking skills, and imagination;
  • Increase skills for independent learning;
  • Generate novel ideas and products, and enhance risk-taking;
  • Increase technological skills.


Middle School


School-Wide Programs
  • Math Olympiad Contest for Grades 4-8
  • Recycling Crew, Grades 5-8
  • Parent coached after school programs of MathCounts, Future City, Robotics, and Odyssey of the Mind