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Retreats for Middle School Students

At Queen of Angels, students are challenged grow and learn, to care for others, to love God and to appreciate their own special talents. In addition to the curriculum, QA offers students the opportunity to participate in a retreat experience that is part of the faith formation program. 

Retreats are generally held away from the distractions of the normal school environment to help students to focus on themselves, their spirituality, their relationships with each other, and God. Retreats for grades 6 and 7 are held during the school day and include time for fun, games, team building, communal meals, group discussion, prayer and liturgy.

The primary focus of each retreat is spirituality, with students and teachers sharing liturgies, Eucharist celebrations, group discussions and individual reflections. The experience is overwhelmingly positive, with students and staff gaining new insights about themselves and each other.

Grade 8 participates in a three-day two-night retreat held at CoveCrest and facilitated by the LifeTeen Missionaries.  The retreats solidify life-long bonds of friendship. This experience follows similar themes but incorporates activities and discussions relevant to the students’ social, emotional, and moral development. Adolescents are challenged to examine their faith in the context of their everyday lives, and to think about the role their faith will have as they matricualate into high school.