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At Queen of Angels Catholic School, STREAM integrates the disciplines of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art, and Math into our students' education. Preparing students for 21st century learning, each are given the opportunity to use strategies to inquire, investigate, innovate, and collaborate.  

Queen of Angels provides a challenging and nurturing environment for students to discover STREAM disciplines as exciting avenues for serving this ever-changing world. We want students to dream big and explore new ideas as to prepare them to become tomorrow’s innovative leaders.

We are excited about our direction in providing a strong STREAM educational experience for our students in the  STREAM lab with ongoing professional development and access to the most up-to-date technological tools.

STREAM goals include:  

  • Implementation of a STREAM instructional model that empowers faculty to integrate creative approaches within the context of our school mission and objectives.
  • Incorporate a variety of Science/STREAM activities to enable students to access and engage in engineering and design.
  • Integrate purposeful STREAM activities focused on solving relevant content-rich problems.
  • Provide students in Grades K-8 the opportunity for creative play and exploration that supports the curriculum and inspires and nourishes each student’s unique capabilities.
  • Involve parent and community professionals to raise students’ awareness of STREAM careers and contributions in society.