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How Students Lead Conferences

Scheduled twice a year, in the fall and again in the spring, the student led conference format allows students and teachers to prepare together. Preparation creates an authentic purpose for good organizational and communication skills. The structure builds students’ sense of responsibility and accountability for their own learning and helps to hone their understanding of what it means to meet their academic and personal goals. 

A key aspect of the student-led conference is student goal setting.  Based on academic, character, or learning, the opportunity to set goals is a powerful way for students to engage with their community assisting them to progress.  Formulating goals helps student to have buy in to the process of learning.  Faculty members ensure goals are specific and “doable.”

During the conference, parents, the student, and the teacher sit together to review and discuss the student’s goals, work, and progress. Students are responsible for their own success. This is the student’s moment to share his or her growth and reflect on achievements and challenges in the various subjects they study.