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Queen of Angels Traditions Upheld

As the 2019-2020 school year came to a close, many of the cherished events, held in the spring each year, were at risk of loss due to restrictions for large group gatherings.  Despite the impact of the pandemic, the Queen of Angels community came together to ensure these treasured traditions were commemorated and celebrated.

Efforts to ensure these valued events occurred enable the school to host a beautiful May Crowning, Lux Reginae Angelorum Ceremony, Class of 2020 Graduation, and end-of-the-year prayer service and awards.  Following the guidelines for social distancing, each of these events brought the community together, retained the meaning from prior years, and allowed families the opportunity to come to campus to participate in a limited way.

May Crowning: Although Mass could not be celebrated, the long tradition of families bringing flowers to honor Our Blessed Mother occurred with students, parents, faculty, and staff driving to campus over a 7-hour period to place flowers in vases around the statue of Mary. To honor the Class of 2020, who, in prior years, formed an arch with roses for the procession to pass through, vases of roses were placed in a prominent position.

Lux Reginae Angelorum Ceremony: An important event at Queen of Angels that begins the celebration of graduation and where each member of the 8th grade class lights a candle and then passes their “light of leadership” to members of the 7th grade.  The school was able to symbolize the beautiful and spiritual event by members of the Class of 2020 coming to campus on their final day of school and lighting one of 56 candles placed on a table to form 2020 ---leaving their legacy to the Class of 2021. 

Graduation: The Class of 2020 was honored on May 18 with many of the traditions modified but in place for this celebration.  Monsignor Peter Rau, administration and members of the middle school faculty held a prayer service and 8th-grade awards ceremony that was livestreamed with members of the Queen of Angels community all over the United States celebrating this special event.  Following the service, the red carpet was rolled out for the Class of 2020 with graduates arriving on campus over a 4-hour period to put on a graduation gown, receive their diploma and awards, be greeted by members of the QA administration and faculty, and have the opportunity to be photographed in the garden of Mary, Queen of Angels.

End of Year Prayer Service & Awards: Live streamed on Facebook, nearly 700 were part of this annual event that closes the school year.  Administration welcomed Father Brian Bufford and representatives of the faculty to lead the prayer service. Dr. Jamie Arthur, the principal, took this opportunity to express appreciation to the QA community, provide a modified list of awards, and officially close the 2019-2020 school year.

The spirit and resolve of Queen of Angels is strong as we work in partnership to protect these valued traditions that are a part of the school’s history and important to the members of the community. #EncounterChrist #EmpowerStudents #EngageCommunity