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While our students enjoy the many wonderful opportunities that summer break brings, Queen of Angels has a long list of items to prepare for the reopening in August of 2021.  Routine maintenance is always at the top of the list to prepare the classrooms and facilities for our students return.  After the year of the pandemic, deep cleaning is also at the top of our list!  However, much more is happening on our campus as we ensure the facility is conducive to excellence in education and clean and safe.  “The devil is in the details”!

Primary Pod Refurbishing
K-2 faculty members spent the final days of post-planning moving all books, resources, materials, and items from closets to the gym so their classrooms would be transformed over the summer months.  Our wonderful facility crew – Mr. Bledsoe, Mr. Aviles, and Mr. Loff - came in after, patched holes in walls, removed unwanted whiteboards, removed cabinetry that was 22 years old, and prepped for painting, restoring doors and cubbies.  At least 12 paint samples were applied to the walls before choosing one to complement the new cabinets, furniture, and carpet.  With orders placed, we await the arrival of each and look forward to completing it!

Fiber Cable Installation & Computer Leases Renewed
With nearly 400 devices allocated to the school and a commitment to updated technology at Queen of Angels, new devices arrived last week for administration, teachers, students in grades K-8, and our special areas.  A comprehensive plan devised by Deacon Thomasberger is in place for formatting, installation, and deployment. 

Internet access will be improved by a new agreement with Comcast, installing a new fiber cable with savings of $600.00 per month.  The site survey was completed before the end of the school year, and the project is moving forward. We look forward to state-of-the-art technology ahead of the game as we begin the 2021-2022 school year.

Campus Security
While we cannot confirm the age of the fencing surrounding the QA campus, its integrity has deteriorated, and we have contracted to install a more secure commercial-grade fence this summer. Waiting for parts to arrive, replacing the current fence will ensure a strong barrier between the outside and our fields.

In late May, Dr. Arthur sent an email that Queen of Angels had been awarded a $10,000.00 grant from the Catholic Foundation of North Georgia that will be used to install cameras on the outside fields to enhance security during the school day when our students are outside. Cameras are on order, and we hope to complete this work over the summer to benefit Queen of Angels, the Catholic Metro League, and St. Peter Chanel.

What About the Cafeteria?
With limited use of the QA kitchen this year and consumables, we have put off several needed capital improvements needed to provide student lunches. While this is not something the QA community can see, replacing an industrial dishwasher is a major investment after 22 years of service to countless cafeteria patrons!  We look forward to all the bells and whistles; Mrs. Caiello will have it for the 2021-2022 school year. 

No need to worry about our popsicles thawing again!  Both the cooler and freezer have had new fan units and their condensers replaced, which will enable consistent temperatures, regulation, and assurance of food safety.

Bringing Our Community Back Together!
After 15 months of pandemic guidelines, Mrs. Harrison and the Home and School Association have begun planning for ways to #EngageCommunity.  From the annual Block Party to the Gala, the wheels are in motion to prepare for the many traditions and events near and dear to the QA community.

We are working hard to complete these major projects and look forward to sharing updates with our families later in the summer.

 The beginning of the Summer 2021-2022 Campus Upgrades.