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Primary Pod Refurbishment

With funds raised last year from the Gala on the Green, the Primary Pod was completely refurbished to create a hands-on learning environment for our K-2 students.  Each of the six classrooms now has new tables, chairs, and flooring for learning centers and group projects.  The pod area is used as an extension of the classroom, with centers that promote small group learning, such as reading groups and science projects.  New cabinets, tables, chairs, and flooring in bright colors create a stimulating learning environment for collaborative work.  The new arrangement gives our youngest students the opportunity to have more tactile learning experiences while developing a skill set of critical thinking, teamwork, and problem-solving.  The configurations were based on months of research to decide how the space should be laid out to create the most effective learning model. Thank you to all the families that supported the Gala on the Green to make this project a reality!

Stages of the QA Primary Pod Refurbishment