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Queen of Angels Catholic School believes parents are the primary educators of their children. As co-ministers in education, members of the faculty and staff are dedicated to partnering with parents to promote the well-being of each student. We delight in seeing the great successes that are the result of collaborative support from parents. Partnering with our parents occurs in many ways, from small daily interactions to talking about more vital topics that impact the growth and development of our students. These shared experiences are opportunities to model healthy relationship building between the home and the school.  

As a continuation of a well-received presentation by Assistant Principal, Ms. Danielle Montepare, on the impact technology is having our students, Queen of Angels is hosting a three-part series to this very relevant topic that is effecting students from Kindergarten to grade 8. We are grateful to have the support of our parent leadership committee, the Home and School Association (HAS).

At the fall meeting of the HAS, we welcomed Danielle Jones Zareie Ed.C, LAPC, NCC, and Director of Happy Hearts Counseling to speak on the Psychological and Emotional Effects of Social Media presented by The large turnout of  concerned parents confirmed the need to provide this venue, so they can be engaged and interested in learning more about how we can work together to help our children navigate through the ever-changing world of technology. One of the most important points made during this event was that having ongoing conversations about the benefits and challenges of social media was critical.

“Technology and social media have the ability to enrich our lives when we develop the skills to navigate it appropriately.”—Danielle Zareie


 Part Two
 Wednesday,  January 15th, 2020 at 6:30 pm — “Cyber Safety” by Office Samuel Wolfson, Roswell Police Department

Part Three
Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 at 6:30 pm — ”Moral Concerns with Media and Technology” by Mr. Joey Martinek, Director of Pro-Life Ministries from Archdiocese of Atlanta