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Home Learning Program  Reviewed

Once schools were closed due to the pandemic at the beginning of the 4th quarter, Queen of Angels Catholic School implemented a Home Learning Program (HLP) to ensure instructional minutes were met and curricular standards achieved.  The HLP was designed for students in grades K-8 to have daily interactions with teachers, relying on ZOOM meetings as well as other digital programs to maximize learning. Each core academic class was enhanced by the use of Google Classroom, teacher created videos, and incorporating videos to support the curriculum.  Weekly assignments from Specials Classes (Computer, PE, Art, Spanish, Music, Physical Education, and STREAM) gave students a break from their academic classes with assignments tied to activities the entire family could participate in.  Grading occurred throughout the 4th Quarter with final averages a reflection of worked turned in as well as quizzes, tests, projects, and attendance.

Key elements that lead to the success of the Home Learning Program was that of the dedication of the administration, faculty, and staff. Teachers, with the support of their paraprofessionals,  were available from 8:00am to 4:00pm so the traditional classroom could be mirrored and assistance provided throughout each school day. Delivered with the highest standard of care, parents worked in a partnership with teachers to ensure learning occurred, work was turned in, and students had the academic and emotional support needed during this unprecedented time. Queen of Angels is grateful to each member of its community that ensured a HLP that allowed students to Encounter Christ, Empower Students, and Engage Community.