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On School Appreciation Day we are grateful for Queen of Angels, for the academic excellence and spirituality that is integrated into the fabric of our school. We would not be who we are without the wonderful community of students, faculty, staff, clergy, families, alumni, and friends that are dedicated to our mission and that of Catholic education.

On this day, on behalf of the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception and the Child Development Center in Roswell, we express appreciation for the 225 coats and over 300 hygiene kits that will be delivered early next week.  We also congratulate our Catholic Schools Week essay winners, Nicholas (6A) and Olivia (5A) whose essays were read in the afternoon on QATV. The essay topic was How Queen of Angels Catholic School has prepared them to become a saint and to live out the virtues of faith, HOPE, and love. I encourage you to read these essays (linked to their names) to experience the deep faith and foundation found at QA as we partner with parents in the spiritual formation of our students.

Traditionally, Catholic Schools Week is a time to open our doors — inviting parents and other visitors on campus – and for our community to come together and celebrate! Of course, amid this pandemic, this year is anything but traditional, and the opportunities that bring us close together physically are not possible. Despite that, I believe we successfully celebrated Catholic Schools Week at Queen of Angels and have so much to be grateful for!  As we close this amazing week, I take this opportunity to sum up this week of appreciation!

I take this opportunity to thank our STUDENTS, for arriving at school each day with HOPE and joy, ready to learn either in-person or at home, and how they live their faith. We are blessed by each one of them and grateful for all they contribute to their classes, each other, and our school.

Thank you to our TEACHERS for their flexibility and learning how to be present online and in the classroom at the same time as well as being available to parents almost around the clock. We celebrate their passion for teaching, for Catholic education, and a loving commitment to their students and families.  And to our STAFF, especially our facility supervisors, who work tirelessly to clean, sanitize, and fog so that our facility remains open, safe, and well-maintained.

Thank you to the CLERGY who provide spiritual leadership, celebrate our Masses, sacraments, visit our classrooms, and guide us in the Catholic faith. Your willingness to support Queen of Angels has ensured that our program is steeped in Catholic identity and a place where we daily Encounter Christ.

PARENTS, thank you for entrusting your children’s education to Queen of Angels, a Catholic school whose philosophy is that parents are the primary educators and that we share in a partnership in educating your children. This year you have been exemplary in your support of the administration, faculty, and staff in the unprecedented policies and protocols that have had to be put into place. Despite these, the H.S.A., Advisory Council, and parent committees have volunteered countless hours to ensure that the programs that make Queen of Angels can continue and traditions are not lost.  We hope to be able to welcome you back on campus in the new school year. Please know how much we appreciate all you do for us!

We close this week with HOPE, and I express my sincere thanks to each of you for your support, and the extraordinary efforts and labors that have enabled Queen of Angels to persevere and deliver on our promise to Encounter Christ, Empower Students, and Engage Community.

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