The Power of ParticipationWhy does the school have an Annual Fund?


The Annual Fund supports operational expenses, enabling Queen of Angels Catholic School to slow the rate of tuition increases.


Are contributions tax-deductible?


The contributions to the Annual Fund are tax-deductible because no goods or services are rendered.


How does the Annual Fund differ from other fundraising efforts such as the Auction and Home and School Association efforts?


Annual Fund contributions are "unrestricted". The tax deductions are attractive to many donors, and many times contributions to the Annual Fund may qualify for Matching Gift contributions from major corporations.


Special events fundraising such as the Gala/Auction, help to build school community while raising money. With major events we can reach outside our parent community to seek support with gift-in-kind donations and sponsorships.


Fundraising with the Home and School Association is a part of the Development Office. The H.S.A. parents sponsor community building programs such as the retailer customer cards,restaurant nights, spirit wear, etc. The participants of these events receive a value for their purchase while the school benefits.


What exactly does my tuition payment cover? Can't we put all costs into the tuition and eliminate all the fundraising?


School tuition normally covers the direct operating expenses of the school, which includes salaries, benefits, building maintenance, utilities, student support, books and supplies. The Queen of Angels Catholic School tuition covers 89% of the cost to educate each student.


As a part of our mission, Queen of Angels Catholic School has a sense of responsibility to the Gospel values. To have all costs put into the tuition would create an undo burden on our families. We work together as a Christ-centered community to share the financial burden. The families that can support the Annual Appeal make it possible to keep the tuition at a level to be manageable for all.


Does Queen of Angels Catholic School receive any financial assistance from the Archdiocese of Atlanta?


Financial aid is granted to families who demonstrate a need for financial assistance through a formal application process. Queen of Angels Catholic School receives funds through a block grant from the Archdiocese of Atlanta for financial aid for our families. Unfortunately, the need for tuition assistance exceeds the funds available. Queen of Angels Catholic School provides additional resources to supplement the block grant. Our financial aid budget is $230,000, and we have awarded all available funds. Queen of Angels Catholic School provides 61% of these funds. As a Christ-centered community we work together to help our families stay within the community.


Why am I asked to make a pledge before December 31st if the Annual Fund runs through the school year until the close of our fiscal year on June 30th?


We ask for pledges early so we can ensure that the operational expenses for the current school year are covered.


How do I find out if my employer matches donations to Queen of Angels Catholic School?


The best way to find out is to contact your Human Resources Department or visit the company website for detailed information. Once you receive your matching gift form from your employer, complete the employee section of the matching gift form, and the Development Office will complete the form with all the necessary documentation.


Many corporations offer volunteer service contributions in addition to matching gift donations. Please contact your Human Resource Department or visit the company website. 


Will Queen of Angels Catholic School accept stock donations?


Yes! Many times the gift of appreciated stock offers tax benefits to the donor. The donor can take a charitable tax deduction for the current fair market value of the stock, and the donor avoids the capital gain tax on the appreciation.


For example: Donor contributes Stock valued $10,000
Original Purchase Price $ 1,000
Capital Gain: $ 9,000
Avoidance Capital Gains Tax on
$9,000 (20% Bracket)* $ 1,800
Charitable Tax Deduction is $10,000. Maximum of approximately 43% combined federal and state Income tax. $ 4,300
Estimate Total Tax Savings $ 6,550


* 15% Federal Tax / 5% GA State Tax Bracket Estimate. Please consult with your tax advisor for the exact tax savings for your situation


How much should I give to the Annual Fund? What do most people give? How does a contribution make a difference?


Giving is a personal decision. Each year we analyze the operating costs and the goals of our Annual Appeal to determine an average contribution per family of $725. Each family gives accordingly. If your family can contribute more than the average, we recognize contributions of $1,000 or more as part of the Regina Caeli Society.


An important aspect of the Annual Fund is that all families participate. The goal for family participation is 100%, which is an indicator of a very healthy school community. A contribution of any amount is appreciated. Family participation in the Annual Fund is a standard criterion when applying to foundations for grants.


What are the overall goals of the Advancement Office?


Our goals have been outlined in the Queen of Angels Catholic School Strategic Plan 2008- 2013. The specific goals for the Advancement Office are the following:


  • Manage an overall development and fundraising program to support the financial needs of the school in order to assist the school and its constituent stakeholders in accomplishing the school’s mission.
  • Conduct an Annual Fund to help generatefund the yearly operating expenses of the school, with the primary objective of minimizing the rate of annual tuition increases.
  • Hold special events, as well as strive to expand and enhance additional support programs such as tuition assistance, the teacher degree incentive program and curricular enhancements.
  • Work with the faculty, staff, committee members and parent volunteers to develop and implement an overall public relations and communications strategy for the school that will: (a) promote the school; (b) assist the school in achieving its mission; and (c) deepen the commitment of the school’s stakeholders for continued success.


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