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At Queen of Angels Catholic School we recognize the value of technology in the classroom as a teaching tool for the 21st century learner.  Here are some of the ways technology is utilized by students:



  • 7th grade students take part in a 1:1 Chromebook program where they access learning resources, class notes, teacher communication and information on a daily basis.
  • 8th grade students take part in a 1:1 iPad program where they access learning resources, class notes, teacher communication and information on a daily basis.
  • In grades 3-6, an iPad cart is available as well as 2 Chromebook carts to enhance a class lessons or exercises.
  • In the Primary grades, a set of 7 iPad minis can be found in each classroom. Teachers use them for learning centers, small groups, or combine grade level sets so pairs of students can work together on an educational app.
  • The Art room utilizes 7 iPads for research, graphic design and animation.
  • The Resource lab incorporates iPads to reinforce and practice literacy and math skills.
  • The Enrichment program has a bank of 14 desktop computers to utilize challenging online learning exercises.


All grade levels attend the computer lab for technology instruction once a week. Grade level teachers also use the computer lab for projects, research and other activities where a desktop computer is needed by the whole class.



Two laptop carts are utilized in 3rd-6th grades as a teaching tool to enhance classroom instruction.



The media center is equipped with an Activboard, Apple screen TV and a bank of 12 computers. Students can work independently to research topics, locate books, or take Accelerated Reader tests. There is a large teaching space where the Media Specialist conducts instruction on how to effectively research, understand the Dewey Decimal System, and hear novel reviews/book talks and more.  An electronic library is also available for students to download books to their e-reader device.



The school’s TV studio is equipped with Apple computers, iPad minis, editing equipment and cameras. The Video Journalism elective students produce the WQOA Morning News Show which is broadcast to each classroom via the Activboard. The student news team has the benefit of using a large green screen platform to transport the student audience to various places around the school, country or world. Enrichment and middle school classes also take advantage of the studio to create movies for educational purposes.



All classrooms have Active panels for instruction or interactive learning experiences.



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