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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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August 9, 2017




Roswell, GA- When Queen of Angels Catholic School opened its doors on September 7, 1999, no one could have imagined that eight of the original faculty and staff members would still be welcoming students on the first day of school at the start of the twentieth school year.  Five faculty members and three office staff employees continue to work at the Roswell school.



The original 8 members are: Regina Rapier-Chismar, Middle School, History; Vicky Hall, 1st Grade Teacher, Dr. Nancy Herlihy, Art Teacher; Mrs. Debra Kopec, Business Manager; Mrs. Mary Beth Smith, Middle School, Religion Teacher; Mrs. Sandy Spaeth, Receptionist; Mrs. Sue Vanrooyan, Media Center/Religion Teacher; Mrs. Lynne Wascher, Administrative Assistant.


Sandy Spaeth recalled, “I remember the first days we were in the building, it was summer and the building was empty. I had to sit on the floor to answer the phone and parents volunteered to put furniture together.” Lynne Wascher, Administrative Assistant added, “I was a Kindergarten Para-pro when we first opened. I noticed the classrooms didn’t have any hooks below the cubbies, so my husband and kindergarten age son, purchased the hooks, drilled the holes and installed them for both kindergarten classrooms. They are still using them 20 years later.”


“To have eight original faculty and staff members is unique for a school about to celebrate it’s 20th anniversary. Committed to the mission of Queen of Angels and Catholic education, these individuals are invaluable members of our school, allowing for continuity within our community as well as serving as our historians.” commented Dr. Jamie Arthur, Principal.


The school is planning celebrations throughout the year to commemorate the milestone. Families in the school community were invited to purchase tickets at a reduced cost to the Atlanta Braves game at SunTrust Park on Friday, August 10th.  Mary Beth Smith remembered, “New families from all of the new Archdiocese schools that were opening in 1999 were invited to watch the Braves at Fulton County Stadium.  Each school gave their students T-shirts with their school logo. I still have my T-shirt and pictures from that first event to share with the current students.”


A special Mass will be held on the twentieth anniversary date at St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church. All current and alumni families are invited to attend this commemorative Mass next year on September 7, 2019 at 4:30pm.




Eighth Grade Student and Religion Teacher Receive Awards
Thursday, April 26, 2018





Roswell, GA- The USCCB Catholic Campaign for Human Development created an art contest, Creating on the Margins and selected a 2018 theme to coincide with Pope Francis’ world-wide campaign, through Caritas International, in support of migrants and refugees. The Multi-media Art Contest themed “Share the Journey of Young Migrants and Refugees” allowed students to submit entries to the contest in the medium of their choice. The Archdiocese of Atlanta Office of Peace and Justice promoted the contest in grades 7-12.Eighth grade Queen of Angels Catholic School student, Gia Pergolini, used this as an opportunity to share her mother’s story of immigrating to the United States from the Philippines as a young child.  Pergolini chose to capture the story using a video interview format. “I wanted to learn more about my mother’s story about coming to the United States when she was only 4 years old,” explained Pergolini. Alice Pergolini recalled her journey, and what immigration was like as a very small child. She detailed the differences that she remembered between life in the Philippines and everyday life in the United States.



Middle School Religion teacher Mary Beth Smith was also recognized for encouraging students to learn more about the importance of supporting immigrates and refugees as a part of our Catholic identity. Three additional Queen of Angels Students, Patrick Wood, Luis Chavarria, and Laura Nicolosi were awarded certificates of recognition for their entries into the contest as well.


Kat Doyle, the Director of the Archdiocesan Office of Justice and Peace Ministries, visited the school to personally recognize the participants and present the awards. Queen of Angels Principal, Dr. Jamie Arthur commented, “Bringing attention to immigrants and the focus on the Church’s teaching regarding Catholic social justice is critical in Catholic education. I was pleased Mrs. Doyle took the time to meet the students and award Gia with the 3rd place prize.” Arthur continued, “I was especially impressed that Gia elected to donate her prize money back to Queen of Angels by contributing to the Dr. Kathryn B. Wood Technology Fund. The matching gift that was presented to Mary Beth Smith will be donated to support Queen of Angels mission of social justice at the school and used to build student awareness and sensitivity to the needs of others.”






Monday, March 12, 2018



Queen of Angels Catholic School Responds to #WalkOut with #WalkIn


Roswell, GA-Middle School students at Queen of Angels were concerned about the national protest scheduled for 10 AM this Wednesday, March 14 known as #walkout. Two students scheduled a meeting with Principal, Dr. Jamie Arthur, to express their concern for the victims of gun violence and asked if they should think of participating in the 17 minute protest.


Eighth grade student Maddy Muir explained, “I heard about the walk out on TV and I wondered if we were going to do anything at our school to talk about gun violence.”


Dr. Arthur explained to the students that at the heart of these senseless tragedies, are people who have been shunned by peers and made to feel that they are not important members of society.  Arthur explained, “While protesting gun violence with a walk out may make students feel like they are creating a voice for change, they actually could be a powerful force for real change by recognizing that their actions towards others can make more of a difference than a protest.” Arthur continued, “After listening to these students, we implemented a movement of our own called #walkin. We will use the same 17 minutes at 10 AM on March 14 and challenge each student to initiate a random act of kindness to someone they don’t really know, have not been kind to or might need a gesture to make them feel valued and respected.”  


Arthur sent a note home to parents in the community so they would be prepared to discuss the value of the “walk in” with their children. Arthur’s message encouraged parents to create an open conversation and she stated, “Most important to the dialogue you have with your children, if you would ever determine they are being subjected to unkind acts, contact the school immediately. I have a zero tolerance in the environment we are in for acts, words or gestures that would negatively impact a child at Queen of Angels.”



Eighth grade students, Mark Ruppenthal, Caitlin Davis, and Maddy Muir were filmed explaining the #WalkIn using their own words so that all of the students will understand what the purpose of the 17 minute break will be and how this message will be lived in the community of Queen of Angels. Their announcement will be played through the school closed circuit TV station and broadcast during the morning announcements for the next 2 days. This will give students a chance to consider how they can best use this time to express themselves to their peers.





To view story featured in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution by Gracie Bonds Staples, please see this link:



Solar Eclipse 2017
Friday, August 25, 2017





Queen of Angels Catholic School and Blessed Trinity High School Join Together for Eclipse Day 2017


Roswell, GA- Queen of Angels Catholic School was invited to share the Solar Eclipse experience with its neighbor, Blessed Trinity Catholic High School.  The students from Queen of Angels walked over to the neighboring campus and viewed the natural phenomenon from the visitors’ stands in the High School football stadium.  The Blessed Trinity Students were seated across the field in the “home” section.


Many Queen of Angels parents joined the students to share the rare solar eclipse. Dr. Jamie Arthur, Principal of Queen of Angels noted, “The atmosphere was electric, our students were anticipating the event all day. Walking over to Blessed Trinity to witness something so rare only added to the excitement for our students.”


Middle School students recorded temperature changes during the day, and uploaded their findings to NASA via a special link.  Karen Spardello, Middle School Science teacher, explained, “This was an excellent opportunity for our students to participate in the Solar Eclipse in a “hands on” way. The students were eager to learn about how the eclipse would impact our environment. By tracking data and submitting it to NASA, they learned the importance of data collection and how scientist rely on this information for new discoveries.”


Queen of Angels and Blessed Trinity are the only Archdiocese of Atlanta schools that are located on adjoining property. The close proximity of the schools allows the students to have a unique relationship. There are events during the year that allow the two schools to work together to benefit both student bodies.




Family Traditions at Queen of Angels
Wednesday, August 23, 2017



Family Tradition




Roswell, GA- Danielle Montepare, like many parents, began this rainy Wednesday morning preparing for one of life’s milestones, dropping her oldest child off for the first day of Kindergarten. Montepare was also part of a milestone for the Queen of Angels community as she is the first alumna to enroll her own child in the 18 year old school.


 Montepare is a member of the first graduating class at Queen of Angels Catholic School (2000).  Her daughter, Hannah, was greeted by Kindergarten teacher Melissa Kopec Cooney who is also a Queen of Angels graduate (2002) and the first alumna to teach at the school.  Cooney’s mother, Debra Kopec, is the Business Manager and part of the original staff hired in 1999.  

“We are blessed at Queen of Angels to have two mother’s share the traditions of the school with their daughter’s. I believe this to be one of the greatest strengths of this beautiful community and indicates the level of commitment and dedication these families bring to the school”, explained Dr. Jamie Arthur, principal.


Montepare joined the Queen of Angels staff this year as Religion Coordinator. She is the second alumnae to return to Queen of Angels as a professional educator, bringing her commitment to spiritual formation and religious education full circle. After graduating from Queen of Angels, Montepare attended Blessed Trinity High School and was a member of the inaugural graduating class of 2004. “Heaven is our highest calling; we spend so much time in school it is part of our journey to Heaven,” explained Montepare. She continued, “At Blessed Trinity, I realized how much impact the religion teachers had shaping my life, which is when I knew I wanted to follow in their footsteps and teach religion.” Montepare continued to pursue her love of the faith and teaching earning a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and Catechetic from Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH and a Master’s degree from the University of Dayton.  




Friday, May 05, 2017

          Dr. Arthur 1                   Dr. Arthur 2





May 3, 2017-Roswell, GA: Queen of Angels Catholic School in Roswell welcomed Dr. Jamie Arthur to the school community today. Dr. Arthur has accepted the role of Principal beginning the 2017-2018 school year.  Dr. Arthur met faculty and staff this morning and toured the school. In the evening, parents were invited to a reception to welcome the new Principal.


Arthur explained, “It was wonderful being at Queen of Angels meeting the many people who are part of this special community. Thank you faculty, staff, students and parents for making me feel so welcome.” She added, “As the school year nears the end, I will keep you in my prayers for a safe, restful summer. I look forward to the first week of July when I will officially assume my position and prepare to welcome you back for the 2017-2018 school year. “


Arthur will be replacing Principal Molly Carlin who will be leaving for a new position at an independent Catholic High School in Atlanta. Carlin stated “The Queen of Angels community has been a wonderful place during my nine years as Assistant Principal and Principal; I’m sure that Dr. Arthur will enjoy being part of this vibrant community.”




Two teams advance to Odyssey of the Minds World Competion
Friday, April 21, 2017



April 10, 2017-Roswell, GA: Queen of Angels Catholic School in Roswell will be represented at the Odyssey of the Mind World Competition. Two teams from the school earned the opportunity to compete at the World competition after winning at both the Regional and State levels.  The competition will be held May 24-27 at Michigan State University in East Lansing, MI.



Odyssey of the Mind is an international educational program whose mission is to provide creative problem-solving opportunities for students from kindergarten through college.  Students develop creative-thinking skills that can be applied to real-life situations.



Queen of Angels students competed in two different problem categories. First Place winners solved the “Catch Us If You Can” problem. The team designed motorized vehicle’s while performing an entertaining skit to explain the vehicles movements. The team was coached by Mrs. Brenda Smith. Team members included: Alyssa Chicoine, Matthew Gray, Maria Keneally, Ally Loquasto, Christopher Michals, Chase Mowrey, and Samuel Smith.


The second team eligible for World competition earned their spot by winning the prestigious Renatra Fusca Award after finishing as the third place team in the “Odd-a-Bot” category.  This all girl team designed an interactive robot and performed a humorous skit that incorporated the robot’s movements. The team was coached by Mrs. Kara Flood and Mr. Andy Macke. Team members include: Sophia Brigham, Mary Czaplicki, Audrey Flood, Ellie Macke, Elisabeth Mirando, Lila Oreffice, and Lexi Pittman.


Queen of Angels Catholic School has been participating in Odyssey of the Mind for 13 years. The school has been represented at the World Competition 5 times in the last 9 years.  Parent coaches often will continue coaching teams for many years. Mark Hopkins, Queen of Angels Parent Representative, has volunteered his time to the program for the last 10 years and has been named to the Coaches’ Hall of Fame.  Mrs. Brenda Smith has been a coach for 3 years and will be taking her team to the World Competition in May.



This will be the 38th annual Odyssey of the Mind World Competition.  There will be 825 teams from around the world that will compete. Odyssey of the Mind gives students an opportunity to develop a variety of skills including, teamwork and the arts while increasing their aptitude in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. (STEM)



Eighth Grade Students Win Multi-Media Contest
Thursday, April 13, 2017


CCHD Winners




April 11, 2017-Roswell, GA: Two students at Queen of Angels Catholic School in Roswell, submitted entries to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development’s (CCHD) annual multi-media contest. The students placed 1st and 2nd out of 40+ entrants in the 7-9th grade category.



Eighth grade student, Charlotte, was selected as the 1st place winner and will represent the Archdiocese of Atlanta in the National competition. Joseph, also an eighth grader, was selected as the 2nd place winner.  Both students are part of Queen of Angels Video Journalism class, instructed by teacher Maureen Harkins.


The theme of the competition was “Being Neighbors in Our Common Home”.  The students both created a video and answered a series of essay questions. “The Video Journalism class had previously created a video about food deserts* in Atlanta, both students used portions of this video and added additional content to express their individual creativity”, explained Harkins.  She added, “This was not a class assignment. I told all of the students about the contest and three members of the class elected to participate and create a video”.


A representative from CCHD came to the class to present the winners and Harkins with certificates and gift cards. The national winner will be awarded $500 and a trip to Chicago to participate in the National Catholic Youth Conference.



*A food desert is described as a community that does not have access to fresh meat or produce. These communities rely on processed food or fast food outlets for nourishment.




YouTube:                                                                                      ;                         


Queen of Angels Catholic School is located in Roswell, GA.  An Archdiocese of Atlanta School.  Queen of Angels Catholic School provides quality Education from Kindergarten through 8th grade for 500+ students.  Families from 17 parishes in the Archdiocese of Atlanta are represented in the school community.  For additional information contact Erin Chesnutt, Communication Coordinator at  


Sixth Grade Literature Inspires Act of Charity
Thursday, April 13, 2017



Students walking           Water Donation




March 30, 2017-Roswell, GA: Sixth grade students at Queen of Angels Catholic School in Roswell, GA were assigned to read the book A Long Walk to Water by author Linda Sue Park.  Heather Beck, Middle School Literature teacher, partnered with Director of Religious Education, Cathy Harmon-Christian, and brought the story of the people of Sudan and their search for clean water, to life for the students.


The story followed the struggle of one of the “Lost boys of Sudan” and his incredible perseverance to stay alive.  He eventually came to the United States as a refugee. The book also described how modern families in Sudan still struggle to find clean drinking water each day. The students learned that it is necessary for children, their age, to walk miles each day to find any water at all for their families. They learned that the only water available is often unclean water, which often causes illness or even death.


“We wanted the students to empathize with both of the characters in the book,” explained Beck. “Each student was asked to bring in a gallon jug of water in their backpack. We then had the students’ journey for about a mile on a cross country trail with the jug of water on their back.”


The students walked single file through the woods reflecting on the plight of the characters. The students wrote a prayer of reflection that they carried with them on the walk to help them focus on the needs of others.


At the end of the walk, the students returned to school and were met by a truck from Catholic Charities to collect the jugs of water each labeled with a sticker that read, “I walked for water for you.” The students learned that the water that they carried would be donated to refugee families coming to settle in the Atlanta area with the help of Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program.


Following the walk and water donation, Kimberly Longshore, a representatives from Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program, presented information about the Resettlement Program; she explained the process that a refugee goes through before they are allowed to enter the United States.  The students also heard from, Pasupati Regmi, a Bhutanese refugee, who was resettled in Atlanta in 2008 and now works for Catholic Charities helping new families through the resettlement process.


“This is the first year we introduced this book to our students. Ms. Beck and I wanted to create an experience that provided both academic and spiritual growth”, stated Harmon-Christian. She continued, “The students seemed to really understand how difficult it is to find clean water in other parts of the world, as well as how much we take it for granted.”


Sixth grade student, Sarah Ballesteros, described how the walk affected her view of the world and stated, “Something as simple as water can really be a lot. It makes you think about how lucky we are because we can get fresh water and nutritious food so easily.”


Queen of Angels plans to make the sixth grade “Water for Walk” an annual part of the curriculum. Harmon-Christian explained, “Next year we want to go further and add an environmental science component, as well as, geography, international relations. We want our students to be educated and aware of others. We are always looking for ways to incorporate spiritual growth, community service and academic advancement to remind our students of the mission of Queen of Angels Catholic School.”



Christopher Turner of Queen of Angels Catholic School Named National Geographic State Bee Semifinalist by National Geographic Society
Wednesday, March 01, 2017



2017 Georgia National Geographic State Bee

Semifinalist Press Release




Christopher Turner of Queen of Angels Catholic School Named National Geographic State Bee Semifinalist by National Geographic Society


Student’s Name: Christopher Turner         

Parents’ Names: Ricky and Lynn Turner

School Name and Address: Queen of Angels Catholic School
                                                  11340 Woodstock Road
                                              Roswell, Georgia 30075

Grade Level: 8


Christopher Turner of Queen of Angels Catholic School has been notified by the National Geographic Society that he is one of the semifinalists eligible to compete in the 2017 Georgia National Geographic State Bee. The contest will be held at Georgia College Arts & Sciences Auditorium in Milledgeville, GA on Friday, March 31, 2017.


This is the second level of the National Geographic Bee competition, which is now in its 29th year. School Bees were held in schools with fourth- through eighth-grade students throughout the state to determine each school champion. School champions then took a qualifying test, which they submitted to the National Geographic Society. The National Geographic Society has invited up to 100 of the top-scoring students in each of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, Department of Defense Dependents Schools and U.S. territories to compete in the State Bees.


Each state champion will receive $100, the National Geographic Concise Atlas of the World, 4th Edition and a trip to Washington, D.C., to represent their statein the National Geographic Bee Championship to be held at National Geographic Society headquarters, May 14-17, 2017. The national champion will receive a $50,000 college scholarship, a lifetime membership in the Society, including a subscription to National Geographic magazine, and an all expenses paid Lindblad expedition to the Galápagos Islands aboard the new National Geographic Endeavour ll. Travel for the trip is provided by Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic. Visit for more information on the National Geographic Bee.


The National Geographic Channel and Nat Geo WILD will air the 2017 National Geographic Bee Championship, moderated by journalist and humorist Mo Rocca, on Friday, May 19, at 8 p.m. ET. Public television stations will broadcast the final round at a later date. Check local television listings for the air date and time in your area.



MEDIA NOTE: Prior to the state finals on March 31, press materials with additional information about the state- and national-level contests will be posted at To be notified when these materials are available, or for other inquiries, contact Farley Fitzgerald ( / 202-775-6119) with the National Geographic Society Communications Department. You may also contact the State Bee coordinator, (insert State Bee coordinator’s name/email/phone),for additional information.



The National Geographic Society is a leading nonprofit that invests in bold people and transformative ideas in the fields of exploration, scientific research, storytelling and education. We support educators to ensure that the next generation is armed with geographic knowledge and global understanding. We aspire to create a community of change, advancing key insights about our planet and probing some of the most pressing scientific questions of our time. Our goal is measurable impact: furthering exploration and educating people around the world to inspire solutions for the greater good. For more information, visit



Queen of Angels students cook meals for homeless
Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Schoolwide project makes 976 sandwiches for shelter network.


All 503 students at Queen of Angels Catholic School in Roswell got together to pack lunches for the school’s third annual feed the homeless event. The school packed lunches and brought them to The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception to be distributed through its shelter program. The day of service was a part of Catholic Schools Week.

“Service is one of the key components of Catholic Schools Week,” said Principal Molly Carlin. “Each grade performs an age appropriate community service project at some point during the school year. We wanted the students to see that when all 503 students work together that everyone from kindergarten through eighth grade can make an impact and help a charity in a big way.”


The youngest students decorated lunch bags and those from grades 3-5 filled each bag with a pre-packaged snack. The middle school students made the sandwiches and loaded the bags in containers for delivery to the shrine.

Additionally, this year the school added a “Bring a Lunch” component and asked parents in the school community to send in any number of meat and cheese sandwiches that the Central Night Shelter could store for future use. The parent community of 324 families responded by donating 976 individual sandwiches.

The meals will support the Central Night Shelter, a network of organizations and churches that support Atlanta’s homeless population. The shrine hosts guests by providing sack lunches, dinner and overnight assistance.

Just like the students, the community can also support the shelter by preparing a dinner and serving guests; providing sack lunches; or spending the night with the guests.

Each year, the students have increased the number of meals delivered to the shelter and have developed a passion for giving back.

“This experience shows that it doesn’t really matter how old you are, you can still make a big difference and help someone who really needs it,” said seventh-grader Coen Dolezar.


Story featured in the Atlanta Journal on February 14, 2017


Each Tuesday, we write about charity events such as fun-runs, volunteer projects and other community gatherings that benefit a good cause. To suggest an event for us to cover, contact Devika Rao at






Wednesday, February 22, 2017



Queen of Angels Catholic School in Roswell is planning the 3rd annual school wide feed the homeless event.  The school will pack lunches and bring them to The Shrine of the Immaculate Conception to be distributed through their shelter program.

All students, grades kindergarten through eighth grade, will participate in making lunches to donate. Cathy Harmon-Christian, religious education coordinator at the school explained, “The youngest students will decorate lunch bags. Grades 3-5 will fill each bag with a pre-packaged snack. Our middle school students will make all of the sandwiches and load the bags in containers for delivery to the Shrine.” 

Last year a total of 506 lunches, or one for every student in the school, were donated to the Shrine.  This year, the school is asking members of the parent community to donate additional sandwiches so the Shrine can freeze them and have extra on hand.

The event is planned for Thursday, February 2nd during Catholic Schools Week. The theme for the National Catholic Schools Week 2017 is “Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith, Knowledge and Service.



Queen of Angels Celebrates the 13th Annual International Week
Monday, October 31, 2016

bagpiper         Pope Francis                 Italy


Award Winning Initiative Teaches Students about the World


November 7-11, 2016-Roswell, GA: Queen of Angels Catholic School in Roswell, GA is celebrating its 13th Annual International Week.  The school grounds are decorated with flags from around the world.  Flags from the highlighted countries of the week are displayed above the school entryway.  A different country is featured each day and students begin the day with a prayer in the native language of the featured country.  Each day, students learn about Saints or important citizens, and are treated at lunch with a sample of a native dish. A sensory table is on display with items that are important to the people of each country.


The countries featured this year are Italy, India, Argentina, Thailand, and Ireland.  Students are especially interested to learn about Mother Theresa and Pope Francis during presentations about their native countries of India and Argentina.



Queen of Angels students have learned about 54 different countries since the program began.  This program is an Enrichment opportunity that is entirely run by parent volunteers.  The program was awarded the NCEA Distinguished Home and School Association Award in 2007.


Queen of Angels Catholic School is located in Roswell, GA.  An Archdiocese of Atlanta School, the school is part of a one-hundred acre campus that includes Blessed Trinity Catholic High School, St. Peter Chanel Catholic Church and the Village of St. George Retirement Home.  Queen of Angels Catholic School provides quality Education from Kindergarten through 8th grade for 500+ students.  Families from 17 parishes in the Archdiocese of Atlanta are represented in the school community.  For additional information contact Erin Chesnutt, Communication Coordinator, at or (770) 518-1804 ext. 104.


Queen of Angels Catholic School Recognized as a “No Place for Hate” School
Monday, May 23, 2016

 After a year long quest, Queen of Angels Catholic School will be recognized on May 12, 2016 as a “No Place for Hate” (NPFH) School for the 2015-2016 school year by Erin Beacham, Education Project Director from the Anti-Defamation League.


“No Place for Hate” is an initiative of the Anti Defamation League designed to rally the school and community around promoting an environment of respect and empathy and creating a culture of anti-bullying.


Queen of Angels Catholic School launched this initiative school wide in the Fall. of 2015.   A “No Place for Hate” Squad was created with volunteer students in Grades 5-8.  This coalition of students created presentations for each pod (Primary, Intermediate and Middle School), which included the Resolution of Respect and learning about the mission of the program.  Students in each pod signed a “No Place for Hate” Poster, which hangs in the pod as a visual reminder of the school’s goal to be bully-free.


In November, the school participated in the Daffodil Project and planted daffodils in remembrance of the children who perished in the Holocaust.    The 8th grade planted the daffodil bulbs in November and a school-wide prayer ceremony was held in March with the flowers in full bloom.  The mission of the Daffodil Project and NPFH align in mission to create a world without bullying and hatred.


Throughout the year, the school hosted “Mix It Up Lunches” in Grades 3-8 with the goal of encouraging students to switch up their groups at lunch, promoting empathy and respect toward everyone.



Lastly, the school participated in the national activity, Read For Respect this month. Members of the NPFH squad created lessons and activities for grades K-8 using books that teach respect, understanding and acceptance.


As 7th grade student Lauren Mahaney explains,  “No place for hate has been inspiring and shows me how I can make a difference in other student’s experiences at school to create a better environment for all”


No Place for Hate is a yearly initiative Queen of Angels will always strive to achieve each school year.


Queen of Angels Catholic School Helps Inspire Students with Junior Achievement Programs
Monday, May 09, 2016

 “Imagine a generation armed with knowledge to budget, save and invest; a generation of passionate students who are equipped to thrive in tomorrow’s economy”.  Students at Queen of Angels Catholic School are learning these lessons and putting the knowledge into a real world practice through Junior Achievement.

The 7th grade students at Queen of Angels Catholic School have spent a semester learning how businesses and communities work together. The course culminated with a field trip experience at Junior Achievement’s BizTown at the World Congress Center. Students had the opportunity to act as business leaders and employees offering public and private goods and services in a simulated city.

In addition to Biz Town, Junior Achievement Finance Park was introduced to the 8th grade students as a morning club this year.  The students participated in sixteen sessions which discussed education, careers, goals, budgets, finances, taxes, insurance and wages as they prepared for a day of simulation at the JA Discovery Center.

At JA Finance Park the students had the opportunity to explore personal scenarios with real life experiences such as applying for a loan, purchasing a car, finding affordable housing, all while balancing personal expenses.    Some students were tasked with these budgeting scenarios on a very limited income and others were given a large income.  The students could appreciate the challenges and rewards of hard work and effective budgeting.

 Through these two Junior Achievement programs at Queen of Angels Catholic School students are given the tools to be successful, ambitious and independent individuals.

Fritz Holzgrefe, 8th grade student, summed up his Junior Achievement as “an amazing experience which taught me about personal finance and how the economy works.  JA Finance Park exceeded my expectations”

7th Grade at BizTown


8th Grade at Finance Park


Daffodil Project 2016
Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The 500 bright yellow daffodil blooms sway gently in the breeze as more than 500 students and faculty at Queen of Angels Catholic School stand for a moment of silence to remember the children lost in the Holocaust.  This is the Daffodil Project.


The Daffodil Project is an international effort to plant 1.5 million daffodils around the world as a living memorial to the 1.5 million children who died in the Holocaust.  To date, 180,000 daffodils in over 50 locations -- including synagogues, schools, churches, city parks, college campuses, botanical gardens, and other city locations -- have been planted around the world.  Queen of Angels Catholic School joined this effort back in November when the 8th grade students planted the 500 daffodil bulbs.


On March 16, with the daffodils in full bloom, the students gathered for a prayer ceremony to honor and remember the innocent lives lost.   The daffodil shape and color represent the Yellow Stars Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust.  The Daffodils are also resilient and will return every spring as a sign of hope for future generations.


Prior to the prayer ceremony, Mr. George Rishfeld, a Holocaust survivor, spoke with the 8th grade. George Rishfeld was born in Warsaw, Poland in 1939. His mother and father feared for the safety of their family and gave young George to a Polish woman in the hopes that he would be kept safe.  That young woman and her parents risked their lives again and again to keep George safe from the Nazis.  He impressed upon the 8th grade class that an act of love saved him and we all need to love one another.


“The Daffodil Blooming Ceremony was the culmination of the first year of our participation in the Daffodil Project and the goal of Queen of Angels to become a “No Place for Hate” school.  Our goal is to foster tolerance of differences and uniqueness”, explained Jeannine Ferrara, Vice Principal. 

Queen of Angels Catholic School Honors Ken Kenan at Archbishop's Education Banquet
Friday, January 29, 2016


(original article posted October 25, 2015)

What do a carpenter, drummer, plumber, painter, electrician, groundskeeper, crossing guard and audio visual technician have in common?  For Ken Kenan, Maintenance Supervisor at Queen of Angels Catholic School, they are all the hats he wears to keep the school a safe and effective place for students to learn and grow.   This week, Ken Kenan was nominated by the school faculty and staff as the honoree for the Archbishop’s Education Banquet for Catholic Education to be held in January.


Ken Kenan has been at Queen of Angels Catholic School since May of 2009. His vast knowledge of the construction industry along with 39+ years of hands-on experience with detailed attention to preventative maintenance and troubleshooting make him a valuable employee to the school. His selfless spirit, courteous nature and strong Catholic faith make him a joy to work with.


“Ken is critical to providing a great environment for our students to learn. He provides our teachers with a “security blanket” of knowing that, should they need almost anything for their room to create the learning environment that they want, Ken will get the job done. He has used his talents as a carpenter and handy man to make the impossible a reality!” explained Tom Lillis, Physical Education teacher and nominator.


One of Ken’s most memorable and rewarding roles at the school is as percussionist for the school Masses.  As Ken explains, “A middle school student asked me if I was the one playing the drums during our school Masses. I said yes, and he shared that it was the first time he had sung during Mass! It was wonderful to know I had made an impact through my music.” 


Ken has been married to his wife, Terry, for 36 years. They have 3 adult children and 3 grandchildren, one of whom is a student at Queen of Angels. Over the years, Ken has been active in the Life Teen Program and Music Ministry of various parishes, and he is currently a 4th degree Knight of Columbus. He enjoys restoring his 1955 Chevrolet Bel Aire during his free time.


Queen of Angels Honored at CDA Awards Luncheon
Wednesday, October 28, 2015
From Roswell Neighbor Newspaper 
by Erika Wells

Roswell Volunteers Shine at Awards Luncheon

The Child Development Association shined a spotlight on volunteers for their commitment in helping the organization offer early care and learning programs for children from low-income families at its annual Shining Stars luncheon in Roswell Oct. 21.

“The partners luncheon is one of my favorite days of the year,” Donna Smythe, executive director, told attendees. “It’s a day when we celebrate volunteers, community and generosity. You are the shining stars that have been integral to our success, the success of the children, the success of their families and to the success of our mission to give great starts toward bright futures.”

Smythe said in the past year, the organization lost two grants but ended “stronger that it’s ever been” because of volunteer efforts. 

The top corporate, civic and faith-based groups as well as individual volunteers were recognized with plaques at the building at 89 Grove Way. Meating Street BBQ of Roswell provided lunch.

“We cannot begin to recognize every gift, every act of kindness, all the ways in which you have touched the CDA, but today we would like to single out a few shining stars for this special moment.”

Giselle Lessig, a licensed and certified dietitian, received the Shining Star of the Year award. Lessig presents family workshops on nutrition and helped start the Farm to Preschool initiative with the association. The program is a nationwide effort to serve locally grown, healthy foods to children.

Queen of Angels Catholic School, a K-8 institution in Roswell, received the Faith Shining Star of the Year award. The school has hosted various schoolwide fundraising projects. Since 2004, its eighth-graders have set up a two-day carnival including basketball, fishing, parachute play, face painting and other activities for preschoolers with the association.

The Historic Roswell Kiwanis received the Civic Shining Star of the Year award. The community service organization participates in reading aloud sessions twice a month with the association. It has hosted several special events for the children including an annual Santa Claus visit, Easter egg hunts and a pre-K fishing outing.

TechniPower received the Corporate Shining Star of the Year award. Jeff McCoy and his team at the Roswell-based national technical staffing firm helped launch the assocation’s Santa Night benefit in 2013. The company has sponsored the holiday event and the association’s Down Home Derby celebration.

The Rotary Club of North Fulton received the Partner of the Year award. For more than a decade, the service organization has helped with raising funds and writing grants and provided contributions including computers for classroom, early literacy materials, light fixture repairs and renovating the teacher’s lounge.

The Child Development Association, which started about 50 years ago, has educated thousands of children and helped hundreds of families in the community, said Mike Mudd, board chair. 

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Students from the Child Development Association sing at the organization’s Shining Stars luncheon.
Students from the Child Development Association sing at the organization’s Shining Stars luncheon.
The Child Development Association in Roswell honored the top corporate, civic, faith-based group and individual at an annual Shining Stars luncheon Oct 21. (Staff / Erika Wells)
The Child Development Association in Roswell honored the top corporate, civic, faith-based group and individual at an annual Shining Stars luncheon Oct 21. (Staff / Erika Wells)


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